A Christmas Tour

We are fully embracing the Christmas season doing all the festive things as a family. Doesn’t it always seem like Christmas comes sooner then expected each year? I can’t believe 2018 is about to be over and done with. I’m definitely wishing time would just slow down a bit. During this season, my family and I instantly approach a time of waiting, reflecting, surrendering, and rejoicing! It’s hard not to get all emotional but dang it I always do lol… God is just SO GOOD!

I usually wait until after thanksgiving to bring out the Christmas decor, but this year I had to start early! I first put up the tree, hung the stockings, garland + knick knacks that I’ve collected through the years. Traditional + simple decor that always brings out the Christmas spirit and sweet nostalgia.

Oh Christmas tree…

I’m very much drawn to traditional deep reds and greens during Christmas. I think it just screams “Christmas time!” I may add a few things here and there each year, but I mostly like to stick to what we have because A. It saves us money and B. I love having keepsakes to use over and over and make more memories with. I think being able to keep certain things in the family is special! Maybe one day my children will pass down my good ornaments to their children or ( maybe not haha).

I am very much drawn to traditional deep reds and greens during Christmas.”

This shelf/coffee nook area is my absolute favorite! I’m always decking it out for every season and Christmas time is no exception! I keep everything that is typically on my shelf, but just add extra things to bring out the Christmas vibes that I adore. It might look a little “extra” but i like it!
I love little forest animals!
We started celebrating advent last year and I love that we’ve incorporated advent reading plans, candle lighting, a DIY calendar to our Christmas time traditions. It has really helped us keep our minds on the real reason for the season which is Jesus Christ. There is truly nothing… absolutely nothing more worth celebrating then the birth of our savior and the gift of salivation that was purchased by His blood for all of those who believe and put their faith and trust in Him!

I made this DIY calendar last year with twine, wire, linen bags, clothes pins, pine cones, fake leaves all worth less then 10 bucks and kept it to reuse this year. It’s been so fun doing different Christmas activities each day! My wreath was also a DIY and the candlesticks I thrifted. Each Sunday until Christmas we light a candle until they are all lit which signify the 4 virtues Jesus brings us; hope, love, peace, and joy! Along with a daily activity, we also read our advent book “Peace” by Stephen  J. Nichols. It is filled with gospel truths, Christmas hymns, and goes through the story of Christmas and the meaning of advent. 

I hope  you’ve enjoyed our Christmas tour! It wasn’t much, but our house feels cozy, warm and festive and there is truly no place like home for us! Most of this season is spent lounging and taking in the sights of our decorated home while it lasts. I probably wont be putting away the decor until after the New Year. When do you guys put away your Christmas decor? Okay okay, maybe I’m getting ahead too soon. Lets just remain present and celebrate the Christmas season because the best is yet to come!

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