4 Tips to keep your eyes healthy!

Happy Thursday friends! I wanted to talk about an uncommon topic. Eye health is often times over looked, and for someone that needs to wear glasses + suffers from allergies, eye pain, red eyes, stigmatism…I too am guilty of being neglectful. I really want to encourage & be an advocate for the importance of taking care of your eyes and establishing a good routine to keep them as healthy as possible. Thats why I am proud to partner with The Relief Products  to share 4 tips on how to keep your eyes healthy & protect your family in the process.

Tip 1: NUTRITION… Eating the right foods affects your overall well being, but I think it’s valuable to know that there are specific foods you could add to your diet today, that will aid in keeping your eyes healthy. As a Mama & homemaker I have control of what I feed my family and I want to make sure that they are eating the right foods for optimal health. A diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids, leafy greens, and fruits reduces risk of dry eyes + macular degeneration. Here is a valuable article to read with a list of foods that keep your eyes healthy.

Tip 2: Routine, routine, routine! Make eye exams a priority! Just like anything else that you like to keep up with. Your eyes should be a part of your medical check ups. Get in the habit of wearing sunglasses when you are exposed the sun. Those harsh rays can wreck havoc on your sensitive eyes. Also, remind yourself to rest your eyes every 20 minutes if you are on digital devices all day ( most of us are) it’ll help prevent eye strain. Try your best to drink a ton of water because dehydration reduces moisture + nourishment in your eyes. Get some daily exercise because it can help delay the onset macular degeneration (the leading cause of vision loss later in life)  even if it’s going for a walk just keep your body moving!

Tip 3: Im sure we all know this, but I still think its worth mentioning. Practice good hygiene to prevent spreading bacterial or viral infections that so commonly go around! At home, I make sure to practice good hand washing with my family as well as keep hand sanitizer near at all times.  It’s also important that we wash towels, linens, change pillow cases often to avoid the spread of infections. I’m trying to get my daughter in the habit of asking for hand sanitizer after we engage in activities where germs easily spread and practice showing her that we must avoid rubbing our eyes after “play time”.

Tip 4: Have products on hand that are natural and will help you tackle early onset symptoms of infection before they get worse. The Relief products are helping me do just that! They are homeopathic and provide effective relief from allergies, viral + bacterial infections in the eye. These products are gentle and safe and can be found at your local drug store!

I know that we cannot keep the inevitable from happening or keep our children in a buble, but I think it is our duty to be good stewards of our health and if there are simple steps we can take for prevention and optimal health we should take them. Am I right?? I’d love to hear if this blog post encouraged you or served as reminder of how important your eye health should be in the comments below. 🙂

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