How to manage life as a Mom + Mompreneur

First and foremost, I don’t claim to be a full blown business owner haha I wish! I’m simply a stay at home mom who is enjoying  the hustle + grind of getting paid for my passions! I finally feel like I’ve established my brand/vision and am growing as a blogger/content creator. I’m gaining confidence everyday & I’ve decided that doing what I love doing is worth my time and effort. So many of us Mompreneurs struggle with finding the balance between taking care of our babies, keeping up with our homes, and staying active on social media. For me, it’s about getting my priorities in order. Making sure I place things in the order that they belong. Growing as a believer, spending time with my husband+ caring for my toddler, tending to my home, and taking advantage of the free time that I do have to grow as a content creator! It’s essential to me that I don’t put my work first in line to my role as a wife and mother. If I know that Im excelling in those areas first, I can confidently pursue what I love doing. 

5 steps on how to be a successful Mom +Mompreneur:

  1. Plan, plan, plan! Invest in a a good planner to keep everything on schedule. I find that when I fail to plan, I plan to fail. No, but seriously. I am working on becoming a real planner because  if I don’t plan out everything I have to do, I tend to forget a lot (mom brain) and get lazy. Planning also serves me as a great motivation to accomplish the things that are important for my family and I. It feels so good to be able to scratch things off my list.
  2. Keep yourself organized and inspired! Sometimes that means just keeping all your work in one spot (out of reach from the little ones) and having a designated work area to separate mom life from business life. Changing the scenery usually helps me get inspired too. When I have a baby sitter available, i’ll usually head to a coffee shop to devout my time to blogging and creating content.
  3. Self care has been so crucial to balancing mom life + business life. I find that when I take time to workout, fuel my body with proper nutrition, even give myself facials + a long hot bath I feel good about what I have to tackle. Self care is not selfish it is necessary to thrive at life and be the best version of yourself for those you love.
  4. Show yourself some grace. I feel that as mothers we have a notion in our minds that we have to be able to do it all perfectly. Allow yourself to take the necessary breaks. Don’t stress over not being able to do everything you set out to do. It is okay to step away from the work to simply BE with your kids and family. It’s okay to have days off! Opportunity will always be there, but your kids grow up way too fast and need their mama to be present.
  5. Outsource! If you need help getting these done reach out to friends and family to watch your kids for a little while. Collaborate and create content with friends who support your passions. If you have it in your budget to pay someone to help you with your load, do it! If not, find friends who are willing exchange their services for yours  and want to help you out. You’ll be surprised at  the kindness you find in people. Don’t be afraid to reach out! I am a firm believer that success comes with team building. Recently, I’ve been forming friendships that help capitalize my strengths and unload the weight of my weaknesses and vice versa. Community over competition is crucial to growth in my opinion.

As a Mompreneur, I think it’s important to be fully prepared for both juggling mom life and business life. That’s why I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this mom boss bag from Sage & Harper because I knew that it would work well with my current lifestyle! The first thing that stood out to me about this bag in paticular , was the color. I am just so obsessed with the pearl white and haven’t seen anything quite like it. It so versatile in the sense that I can take it anywhere and it’ll feel like I’m prepared for whatever life throws my way! It doesn’t feel or look like a diaper bag either which I like!  It is functional and comfortable for whatever occasion.

The features: 

  • Made from pearlized vegan leather
  • Has 12 pockets + 5 zippers and a ton of  space for you and your kiddos. Including a laptop pocket. As a blogger I am always carrying my laptop around so this is a really cool feature for me.
  • Has a beautiful gold zipper detail with strap clasps that you can easily hook onto your stroller.
  • Easy  interior cleanup can be done gently with a damp cloth.

I recommend this beautiful  bag to any mother looking to take their mompreneur lifestyle to the next level. It’ll allow you to be hands free to tackle mom life +business life and look stylish doing it!

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