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Going to the local grocery store with my toddler can be a complete chaotic experience. Rylie, is at the age where she wants to run around and be independent. Most of the time, I loose my mind trying to control her from jumping out of the grocery cart. Can anyone relate to this?? We used to baby wear her when she was an infant but stopped because she seemed to be content in her infant car seat that I would just put her in the cart while i browsed around. Those calm and cool days are long gone friends. I have a full blown toddler on my hands who is turning 2 this year and not to mention, she either wants me to constantly carry her or she wants to run around on her own. It’s insane how I used to be the person that judged moms for wearing their big ole babies.  I didn’t understand why toddler wearing was an actual thing if the child was perfectly capable of walking. Today, I have so much respect for mothers and whatever decisions they make for their children. We are all just trying to do the very best we can with what we have and sometimes that means we have to do life in a way that maintains our sanity + we have to get our errands done no matter what!

I decided It was time to find a carrier that would be suitable for her age & weight and came across the Sakura Bloom Scout Carrier It is so incredibly dreamy, soft, and comfortable for both Rylie and I! Its suitable for children 7-45 pounds and It gives you the option to wear it on your back or front! It’s also great for breast feeding on the go and wearing while pregnant because the waist belt can be worn over or under your belly for added support!

We went grocery shopping the other day and a man at the store saw me front wearing Rylie and told me that I should sit her in a cart instead and proceeded with handing me the grocery cart. I grabbed it from him and went off with my day because little did he know, I was handling my business!

5 reasons I wear my toddler:

  1. Plain and simple, I enjoy having her close to me/knowing she is safe while I can have my hands free. I like the peace of doing what I need to do and feeling confident about where my child is at all times. Also, we both love to cuddle so it’s part of our sweet bond to be close to one another. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to browse around the store and avoid serious tantrums and actually be able to shop!
  2. Its fun to explore and go on adventures! If we go for a quick hike or walk I can transition her to the carrier if she gets too tired. It’s also perfect for going to Disney or the springs. I love that if we are having a family day my husband can wear her too! If your lucky, they might even take a nap!
  3. This one goes with my first reason, but I love the bond that it allows us to maintain. She is only little once so that fact that her dad and I can carry her while she is still young brings us great joy! She loves being close to us.
  4. It helps you burn those extra calories. I swear I have arm muscles from picking up my toddler so much. By placing her on my back or front we can go on walks around the neighborhood or incorporate her weight into my exercises like squats or lunges! I promise you will feel sore the next day!
  5. Okay, I couldn’t really come up with a 5th reason on why i wear my toddler except for the fact that I just want to. Mainly, because I love her so very much and wearing babies/children has been around since forever across cultures. It is such a natural and beautiful thing to do with your child.

We still allow Rylie to roam and do her own thing. She loves the independence and we love seeing her blossom into her own person. Having a carrier just allows us to have more control over specific situations that could become dangerous or hard to handle. I totally recommend toddler wearing if it’ll make your life easier! Check out Sakura Bloom and all their simplistic beautiful styles so many beautiful pieces to choose from!

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  • Reply Monica

    Girl, you’re beautiful! And I love that you still wear her. I can’t still wear Zeke because I have to wear charlie I.

    July 27, 2018 at 8:47 pm
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